Dry pressed (solid) & extruded (hollow)
100 bricks per m² for double brickwork
50 bricks per m² for single brickwork
1 brick costs about 75 cents

Brickies mix for one barrow of mud
10 shovels of sand
2 shovels of cement
2 buckets of water (approx)

To lay 1,000 bricks you need to order:-
1¼ ton of sand or 45 bags of sand (40 kg bags)
16 bags of cement (20 kg bags)
wall ties & veneer ties – order 5 per m²

Blocks (200X400)
12.5 blocks per m2
1 m³ concrete fills 100 blocks
1 ton of sand and 4 bags of cement lays 300 blocks
1 block costs about $3.50

Render mix for barrow mix
8 shovels of sand
2 shovels of cement
1 shovel of plastermaster
2 buckets of water (approx)
1 ton of sand & 4 bags of cement & 1 plastermaster
renders 45 m²

Garage slab on average is 6m x 6m x 100mm thick which is equal to 1 truck load measuring 6m³ and costing about $1,100
Steel – F72 sheet steel covers 14 m² and costs about $100 per sheet
7mm steel bars x 200mm squares

Steel Beams
PFC is a U shaped beam
UB is an I shaped beam
UB 25 means 25 x the length of the beam gives you the weight in KGs
For example a UB25 x 5 m long = 125 KGs in weight (equivalent to 1 Kenny Campbell)

Tread size is 240mm–300mm
Riser size is 170-190
Total rise divide by 180mm = number of risers
Total going divide by one less number of risers gives the tread size

P trap out through the wall
S trap out through the floor

Floor Wastes
Make sure you plug the floor waste with a rag or bag before tiler starts to lay bed. Don’t forget to remove once tiler has finished tiling.

The higher the MPA number the stronger and more waterproof the concrete and also more expensive it is and will go off a lot quicker
20 MPA-40 MPA
Use 25 MPA concrete for paths, footings, garage slabs etc
Costs about $ 220 m³

Doors (820mm wide x 2040mm long)
Hollow core door costs $30
Solid core door costs $95
Jam 5.4mm long in length costs $75
To cut the jam size for a 820mm door – cut 863mm head jam and 2065mm for side jams which leaves 20mm carpet clearance

Timber (820mm wide x 2040mm long)
90mm x 45mm framing pine costs about $2.70 per Lm
Hyspan joists 150mm x 45mm costs about $9.50 per Lm
Hyspan joists 240mm x 45mm costs about $15.20 per Lm
Hyspan joists 240mm x 63mm costs about $21 per Lm
Treated pine 90mm x 45 costs about $4.20 per Lm
Treated pine 180mm x 45mm costs about $7 per Lm
Merbau decking costs about $3.15 per Lm
Hardwood flooring 80mm x 19mm costs about$5.20 per Lm
Blueboard sheet 2.4m x 1200mm x 7.5mm costs about $32
Gyprock sheet 2.4m x 1200mm x 10mm costs about $16 per sheet
Fascia 180mm x 19mm costs about $7 per Lm
Particle board sheet flooring 3.6m x.9m covers 3.24 m² costs $45 per sheet

When is Council Inspection required?

  1. Termite control systems in place
  2. Before pouring concrete to show reinforcing steel is in place
  3. Waterproofing – before tiles are laid
  4. Framing – before gyprock is installed
  5. Structural Steelwork – must sight connections before being enclosed
  6. Final – on completion of job. The following certificates need to be provided:-
    smoke detectors, termite control, structural engineer certificate, glass certificates for shower screens, windows and handrails, plumbing drainage certificate

Skip Bins
9.5 m³ costs $675 per bin

A skylight should not be put in a roof with a pitch lower than 20 degrees unless you make a box above the roof and put the skylight at 20 degrees or greater and reflash the roof

When to use what sand for what job?
Sydney sand for rendering, tiling, paving over concrete base
Brickies sand for bricklaying (comes in yellow or white)
River sand for bedding and paving
Filling sand for under concrete slabs
Blue metal 20mm for drainage
1.3 tonnes of sand = 1m²

Timber Windows
Remember to always prime timber windows before installing. Make sure you seal the hardwood sill – if clear finish prime with a clear sealer.

Skirtings and Architraves
Prime backs of skirting and architraves before installing.